hand place

Hand Placement

For one off prototypes and very small volumes we can solder paste print and hand place smd components, we also hand solder for repair and rework applications.

- Hand build for small prototypes
- Through hole assembly
- Large common caps and resistor stock
- Very fast assembly cycle available
- Automatic Optical test

hand place

Automated Through Hole Technology

Using our ESBO SPA 300-F Automatic Selective Soldering System we can offer Consistant and Reliable Soldering Quality.

The Ebso SPA300-F is a high flexible Miniwave soldering system. A XYZ axis carrier system moves the PCB over the fluxer, preheater and solder module. To reduce oxide in the solder bath and especially for high quality solder results nitrogen is provided to the solder bath and solder pump unit. The system is also lead free ready. The SPA300-F. Is designed for selective soldering through hole components like Connectors, transformers, relays, coils etc.

Find out more at EBSO.

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